How to bid underground utilities

How to bid underground utilities

Fort Myers, FL LCU Lee County Utilities will supply all new electrical and air conditioning equipment for this project. The Contractor will provide miscellaneous material such as conduit and wiring and shall provide all labor necessary to complete this project.

how to bid underground utilities

This project is time sensitive as this is an active master lift station. An area in the electrical room will be walled off by LCU.

This area will be air conditioned to maintain equipment in a controlled environment. Fort Myers, FL. There are no open items in the Request for Qualification category at this time. Tab Sheet.

how to bid underground utilities

All work performed shall follow all Federal, State, Local, OSHA, and department mandated regulations and specifications for associated work. The scope is further defined and detailed within Exhibits G-P found attached to the draft contract agreement affixed to this solicitation. Contractor is responsible for reviewing all documentation associated with this project.

Construct one 1 new equipment access which will double as a fourth dune walkover will be for both equipment and people with removable bollards. Install three 3 new ADA accessible mats including landings and extensions onto the beach. Install water service for showers and foot washes. Import beach compatible sand to enhance dune. Sidewalk Improvements - NE 16th Pl. Work will consist of the following: removal of existing utilities throughout Hancock Bridge Parkway, open cuts with directional boring, and construction of a five foot wide sidewalk with drainage improvements on the North side of Hancock Bridge Parkway.

Work shall include, but not be limited to; milling, resurfacing, swale piping, leveling, and edge trimming. Work includes, but is not limited to, milling, paving and striping. The County may also ask for the Vendor to haul the materials from their plant to a location specified by the County that shall be within one of the described County Zones.

The Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite Solution The County shall provide for all repair and replacement services; Agreement shall be for parts and equipment only.

Underground Utilities

The County is requesting a fixed price per pounds for mixed types of primarily ferrous metals including white goods. To provide design supported by hydraulic modeling, permitting, and construction observation and inspection services for the Winkler Master Lift Station.

This Scope of Service is for the design, permitting, and construction observation and inspection of: a. Additional piping needed to connect to the existing collection system.

Underground Utilities

Access road into Master Lift Station site. Lee County Board of County Commissioners seeks to contract for professional consulting services to provide design, permitting, and construction phase services for expansion to the Lee-Hendry County Class I Landfill and related systems. The existing reuse water distribution site instrumentation and controls are obsolete and do not support a flow controlled pressurized reuse water distribution system.

The reuse distribution systems currently are storage limited. These activities shall include but not be limited to, design, engineering, surveying, and permitting in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations and codes. The project will include permanent restroom facilities, concessions building, locker rooms, covered outdoor space, paved parking lot, two 2 pavilions, and nature trails both paved and unpaved.

The proposed These activities shall include but not be limited to, design, engineering, surveying, and permitting, for Phase II approval, in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulationsand codes. The Phase II proposes to construct a berm on the southwest side of the canal in order to hydraulically separate lower areas between the canal and Old US 41 to prevent severe flooding.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

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B2W Estimate - Construction Estimator Software - Job Cost Estimating Platform

Quisque volutpat mattis eros. Attendees of this two-day course will receive personalized instruction on how to properly achieve accurate takeoffs for all types of underground utility projects.

Using real sets of drawings, students will perform complete takeoffs and will apply material and labor costs to assemble a complete estimate.

The training provides the necessary skill sets and knowledge-based processes for consistent underground utility estimating. This course is for new estimators, field personnel and all other construction professionals who want to acquire a sound fundamental understanding of the principles of underground utility construction cost estimates. The course is designed to improve costing, pricing and production techniques of underground utility contractors on private and government projects.

This program concentrates on the specific problems encountered while estimating varying costs of underground utilities. Recommended solutions to items such as interferences, work stoppages and unanticipated conditions are covered in detail. This course will provide the estimator with a practical and time-saving approach to quantity calculations, soil analysis and water tables.

It will also cover how to accurately determine the productivity rates upon which to base your bid. Class size is limited. Register early to guarantee your space. They will foresee project complexities and installation difficulties and will assemble crews for maximum efficiency. Students will have the confidence to correctly gauge productivity and improve estimate accuracy. This format is ideal for busy construction professionals who are unable to attend a live course. It is also beneficial as an in house training tool for human resource departments.

Buy Books Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cookies must be enabled to use all features of this web site. Educating Construction Professionals. Cart Summary Your shopping cart is empty.Construction professionals understand the importance of not damaging buried utilities while performing any type of new construction and maintenance work. Even so, accidental strikes of underground utility lines continue to interrupt essential services, cause millions of dollars in damage, result in serious injuries, and in some cases, loss of life.

As utility easements become more crowded, preventing damage to underground facilities has become increasingly challenging. This process is initiated with a call to the local one-call center, providing the exact location of the work site and requesting locates be made.

The call must be placed at least 48 hours before work is scheduled to begin. The one-call center then contacts appropriate utility providers, who then locate and accurately mark positions of buried lines.

Some utilities use their own personnel; others employ contract-locating specialists. The basic tool used by locating personnel is the electronic locator, which consists of a lightweight hand-held receiver and compact transmitter unit. It is designed to help make locating buried cable and pipe easier and to provide more accurate results. Some units, like the receiver and transmitter from Ditch Witch Electronics, use different frequencies and modes to find locations of different types of utilities by detecting magnetic fields created by electrical current passing through the lines.

In some situations, the receiving unit is all that is necessary to locate electrical and television cable signals. To find telephone cable and metallic pipe, the transmitter unit is connected to cable or pipe and a current is sent through the line, creating a signal that is detected by the receiver. For PVC pipe with tracer wire, the wire is energized by the transmitter to provide a signal that the receiver can read. The receiver processes information and displays an estimate of depth and other data on an easy-to-read screen.

Dvorak says that some utilities also mark positions of buried facilities with 3M electronic markers, which are buried with pipe or cable. Markers are passive resonate circuits with no internal power source to run down; their polyethylene shells are impervious to minerals, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

GPR products are not effective in all types of soils, but can be helpful in locating some previously unknown facilities. Government agencies are adopting regulations that require potholing, and project owners and contractors are establishing their own policies specifying potholing before excavation or directional drilling begins.

Soft Excavation Soft excavation has changed all that, Dvorak points out. Depending on soil conditions, a inch-square, 5-foot-deep pothole can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The vacuum function of the dual-purpose machine picks up soil displaced during excavation to use later as fill or to be removed from the job site.

Soft excavation causes less surface damage and reduces disruption of traffic and other surface activities. The small excavation is easier, faster, and less expensive to repair. Vacuum excavators also are used to clean up drilling fluids that escape from bore holes during drilling, backreaming, and product installation and can be used as a powerful, portable vacuum for just about any type of clean-up need.

More information on CGA programs is available at www. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All Rights Reserved. Free Subscription.Access opportunities nationwide with unlimited searches and daily opportunity email updates. Billions of dollars are spent every year by federal, state and local government entities and agencies on goods and services.

Our resources will get you started as a government bidder! One Place for Utility Bids, Nationwide. Ready to search for opportunities? Nationwide Coverage. Bidder Resources.

how to bid underground utilities

What are Government Bid Opportunities? Bidder ResourceNew Bidders. Though pursuing government bid and RFP opportunities can be a very lucrative and stable move for many suppliers or businesses, it can also be a complicated and difficult process to navigate.

This definition outlines how government purchasing works, how the contractor and governments benefit, as well as some examples of government purchasing. Working with Local Governments Bidder Resource. Working with Local Governments Many government contractors are finding that expanding their service area helps them when attempting to work with the government. Writing Your Proposal Part 1 Once you have decided to pursue a bid, it is important to first systematically organize all related information.

A good first step is to download the original bid documents. These should be organized into sections. Want to expand your business with government contracts? We make keeping up with new bid and subcontracting opportunities easy! Start your 7 day free trial and access bids in minutes.Introducing a whole new way to do public bidding for your water utility.

H2bid will soon offer a unique cloud-based service featuring the latest in e-bidding and e-sourcing techniques. The Software as a Service SaaS will handle all of your public bidding needs for construction projects, water utility products, consulting contracts, pipes, chemicals, etc.

It will not only create significant savings for your utility, but also streamline the purchasing process - giving valuable time back to the buyer.

All while improving the overall transparency of the bidding process. If you are a vendor to the water utility market you will be able to respond to bids and reach potential new customers and markets in a highly cost effective manner. And for vendors, we offer convenient access to thousands of bid opportunities from water utilities around the world. Forgot your password? Keep me signed in. E-Bidding for Water Utilties. Sign Up With Confidence. Contact Us: info h2bid. Live chat provided by JivoSite.

Contact Us Request a Free Demo. Log In! Subscribe Now.When competing for excavation work, you'll have to bid for contracts. Understanding how to price your services requires first considering how much dirt you'll have to move, how much it'll cost you to move the dirt and how long the job will take. Pricing work fairly will help you win bids. Find out how much dirt you'll have to move.

how to bid underground utilities

Inspect the site and take measurements of the area to be excavated. Calculate the number of cubic yards of dirt that will need to be excavated. This will give you an idea of the manpower, machinery and time needed to accomplish the job. Figure out how much it will cost you to get the job done with the machinery and manpower available.

Calculate the costs of operating the machine and paying each worker you'll need on the job. Take into account conditions that may impair progress on the job or cause potential hazards. These might include the type of soil at the excavation site, the presence of underground or overhead utility wiring and traffic patterns.

For instance, excavating through rocky terrain would take longer and be more difficult than excavating a site where rocks are small and relatively scarce. Do some reconnaissance. Estimate how much your competitors might charge for the project by finding out how much they have charged in the past for similar jobs. This information may not be available for jobs done for private individuals, but it will be available for jobs completed for public agencies and governments.

Determine a price for the job that takes into account your costs and time, yet is fair to the customer while remaining competitive with what you expect other contractors to bid. Create a written bid. This should list all details of the job, including how long you expect to take to complete it, how many employees will be present at the site daily, and what the total cost will be.

Your bid should also include a breakdown of costs for different parts of the job, such as permitting, the actual excavation work and hauling away soil and other materials. Add terms and provisions. These might include any warranties to be offered on the work if your bid is accepted, as well as details about subcontractors to be used to get the job done. Include your company's qualifications to perform the project, and list references of past customers.

Provide a date or expiration. Like a quote, a bid should state how long the price you've provided is good for. Submit the bid to the potential client, either in person or by mail, depending on the preferred method listed in the client's request for proposals, if one was issued. Cynthia Gomez has been writing and editing professionally for more than a decade. She is currently an editor at a major publishing company, where she works on various trade journals.

Gomez also spent many years working as a newspaper reporter. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northeastern University.

Skip to main content. About the Author Cynthia Gomez has been writing and editing professionally for more than a decade. Accessed 10 April Gomez, Cynthia. How to Bid on Excavating Work. Small Business - Chron.

Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.Earlier this yearthe city expected workers to begin the process of burying all electrical and other overhead utility lines on Balboa Boulevard between Coast Highway and the Newport Pier around April.

All were bid by Edison, not the city, and all are still waiting to launch after being in the pipeline for three to five years. Newer neighborhoods, such as in Newport Coast, are built with utilities underground and a premium is included in the cost of the homes.

A less common funding method, such as the one planned for Balboa Boulevard, uses money collected from all Edison customers. Those projects are along major roads where the work is considered to benefit the general public.

The process, however, added 10 months to the timeline. Now the city is trying to find ways to cut the cost. Tony Mathis, an Edison project manager, said company policy is to keep bid details confidential, even internally to some extent, to protect the competitive process. Mathis said he understands that burying utility lines is important, but Edison considers undergrounding to be aesthetic improvements and a lower priority than improving reliability and strengthening the electrical system.

Councilman Jeff Herdman said there also are safety risks from overhead lines on densely populated Balboa Island. Contact Us. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Work initially was expected to begin this spring. These are on Balboa Boulevard around 35th Street. June 15, Hillary Davis. Follow Us.

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